Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ummm. . . 90%?

The dr. told me prior to the lap that I would be a 90% by Monday. Well, after a 1/2 day at work yesterday I was in most discomfort that I've been in since the surgery. Yuck. So, since we leave this Friday for vacation, I really want to make sure that I'm recovered. I called the nurse and she said there was no indication of a problem as long as I was eating, going to the bathroom and not running a fever. So - apparently I might just be a slow healer. If post surgery was the baseline for 0%, and pre-surgery is 100%, I'm currently at about 60%.

Vacation begins this Friday! My husband and I are off to Switzerland and Italy for 2 weeks! I finally bought a pair of good walking flats and a purse to carry on the trip yesterday (Vera Bradley "On the Go" bag in Raspberry Fizz) so I think I'm all set. My packing list is written and I just need to put everything together on Thursday night. This vacation is just at a perfect time between my lap and the next cycle when we can start trying - so we can just totally enjoy this vacation for what it is and not think about TTC.

When we get back I'm starting on a 12-week program from Pulling Down the Moon. I bought their "Fully Fertile" book and a DVD with yoga, breathing and relaxationg exercises. I'm really excited to get started and address and whole bunch of mind body stuff - things to open my body, relax my body and mind, and feed myself properly for this journey and beyond. I might even go start up accupuncture again, now that I do know what my physical issues are.