Saturday, November 14, 2009


So - here's the saga of the last week.

I POAS on Tuesday, 14 dpo. It was an EPT +/- test (blue dye). I asked J to look at it since I didn't want to! He called me in because he thought he saw something but he wasn't sure. Sure enough - a super faint line. But, neither one of us could believe it because it was so faint, and we decided I would test again the following day if I didn't get AF.

Wednesday I POAS - this time, it was a First Response (pink dye). Clearly no line.

Thursday I POAS - back to the EPT - a slight + again.

Friday PM I POAS - back to First Response, and there is a faint line! At this point, I'm really started to believe I could be pregnant, but J wants to wait for a blood test. So, I'm going to call the Dr. on Monday morning and see if I can't get in for a test. In the meantime, I'm going to go buy some more HPTs! And still no AF - I'm starting to feel good about this!!!!!!!