Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Did BPA Cause My Infertility?

Seriously. Should I be shaking my head right now, or should I legitimately be freaking out?

IUI #2 went the same as IUI #1 - doctor couldn't get the catheter in and had to pull out the scary clamp. It didn't seem so bad this time, probably because I knew what to expect this time. The only difference this cycle was I went in for monitoring on CD 12 instead of CD 10, and the doc had me trigger that night and IUI the next morning - he said the egg was ready to pop!

J is currently away on a business trip - and technically I'm supposed to test the first morning that he is back. I think that will be a good goal - no testing while he's away!

My "fertility" necklace arrived yesterday - a silver chain with a sliver pomegranate, horseshoe and garnet. It's very cute and I'm hoping it provides much needed fertility, luck and healing!