Friday, January 16, 2009

Cluster Headaches

Cluster Headaches are the 2 most dreaded words to me right now.  For those of you have never heard of them before, the Mayo Clinic site has some great information about them here.

Anyways - I've been 2 years without an episode of these wretched things, which in all fairness, should not even be called headaches.  It would be more appropriate to call them "Raging Searing Hot Pain Behind my Eye that I Would do Anything to Eliminate"-aches.  But of course, now 9 cycles into TTC, just as I'm gearing up with a new focus on TCM, they have struck.  I had 4, each lasting 45 minutes or so, within 12 hours.  The MD drugged me up good so I'm ok now, but it means putting TTC on hold for 2 months while I treat the crap out of these things with fun things like anti-seizure medications and prednisone.

Needless to say, I'm very disappointed and mad at my own body right now.  My husband is trying to be reassuring but just comes off sounding like an ass.