Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting Started

I tried starting a blog when J and I started TTC, but there really wasn't too much that was too interesting in those first months. Now it's become a different story.  After my Christmas wish wasn't granted, I went full force into exploring other options - charting started in earnest (it had been half-assed before), special supplements were purchased, and an appointment with a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM from here on out) practitioner was made.  

I am now on CD1 of TTC cycle #9, my first full cycle with acupuncture and specially formulated Chinese herbs.  I am really hoping that following this regime will result in a pregnancy before I hit the one year mark!  If it doesn't, I am going to be happy (hopefully) with the knowledge that I will moving into the testing and what might follow with my body and mind in the best place possible.

I hope that sharing my experiences with TCM will be helpful to those of you who are interesting in learning more.  So - this is my disclaimer: I am not terribly well educated in TCM, and will be learning as I go along.  I do not claim in any way shape or form to be an expert.  I will share too much information.  I want questions, comments, and input from those who are genuinely interested.  And I can't wait to get started!


Crysbena said...

Hi there! thanks for you comment on my blog. I am sort of trying TCM but I haven't tried acupuncture yet. Maybe that will be next. Thanks for the encouraging words!