Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Taking Advantage

Last night sucked, but I'm trying not to dwell on it.  Worst cluster headache ever.  Enough said. Gabapentin is making me a little loopy right now.

Today I am working from home, since it's very icy and somewhat snowy out there.  No one in my department went in today, so it's great.  I've got some work stuff to finish up, but without interruption, it shouldn't take me long.  I want to take advantage of being home to scan photos and upload them to ancestry.com.  I am crazy about exploring my genealogy and have found out some really neat stuff on ancestry.com - I highly recommend it.  My dad helped me identify some people in some old pictures he had (ones that had been my grandmother's) and it's great running into people out there on the web who I'm finding that I am related to!