Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Your Average Sunday on Drugs

Today was a quiet day as I wanted to lie low while my body gets used to the new drugs.  I felt pretty good all day, so I'll consider it a good decision.  I was up at 8, J didn't get up until much later - but surprise surprise - he shaved off his beard - yea!!!!  Last night when we were getting kind of frisky (for the first time in weeks, thanks to my complete distaste for the beard that he grew post-Christmas) I had to finally tell him - 'hon, that beard is a complete turn-off for me. I can't stand the way it feels.'  I think he was pretty hurt by the way he rolled over in a huff and things ended then and there.  I didn't feel bad about it though - I've brought it up before and figured that it was his decision whether to keep it or not - at least he knew what my position was.

However, he did tell me that he will grow it back in time to have a full beard for a ski trip in February.  Whatever.